Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Remove MalwareWipe

MalwareWipe is a trojan that displays an icon in the system tray. This icon shows a message, which says that the compromised computer is infected with dangerous spyware parasites, and asks the user to download and install a removal program, which actually is MalwareWipe, corrupt illegally distributed spyware remover. The MalwareWipe trojan also changes desktop wallpaper to fake warning message, hijacks the web browser and redirects the user to undesirable web sites. Furthermore, it can serve unsolicited pop-up advertisements and install certain adware parasites. Malware Wipe may also try to download and install the corrupt spyware remover. The parasite automatically runs on every Windows startup.
This is a very high risk threat and should be removed immediately as to prevent harm to your computer and your privacy.

Click here for Malwarewipe removal instructions